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Welcome to ZIFZI was founded in 2010 with the mission of combining reliable cost-effective IT & Marketing solutions with superior customer service and has been offering a range of services including Email Database India, Mobile Database India, Email Addresses Database World Wide, EMail SMTP Server, SMS Marketing, Web Development, SEO, E-Commerce, Softwares, Other Online/Offline Marketing Solution to a range of personal and enterprise clients. Our ulmost priority has and always will be customer support and Best Service to ensure our customers get most out of our

services. We understands that technical expertise, responsive service, reliability and reasonable cost are the key ingredients for any company. We have developed a business plan that encompasses these qualities and work hard every day to ensure these key points are achieved for our customers so that we meet their expectations for excellence. Our services are guaranteed to be superb because we know that our success is dependent upon the success of our customers. In addition to Service, we offer an array of additional services to serve the needs of our clients. Please browse through our site – examine our services – compare our prices and guarantees – email us if you have a question. We want to establish a permanent business arrangement that will serve as a single point of service for the IT & Marketing needs of each personal and enterprise client. Our existence depends on providing quality service to you and we are dedicated to that endeavor.


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