UK Email Database (United Kingdom Email List)

UK Email Database (United Kingdom Email List)
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The email marketing list Providers in our directory are some of the largest in Europe/United Kingdom Email database. They can provide targeted, opt-in email lists of the contacts you need to reach. Whether you're looking to reach out to leading business owners or consumers from a certain demographic our suppliers can get the data you need to make your campaign a success. zifzi can supply data (UK B2C Database & UK B2B Mailing & Marketing & Business Lists for Direct Mail ) from the largest consumer email lists available in the UK. When you’re planning an email broadcast, you need to know that you’re targeting the right consumer audience. By using a zifzi , you make sure that the data set which we recommend gives your campaign a better return on the investment. All our data is high quality and locally sourced and our team of data specialists are all industry professionals who know the World database inside out, and pride themselves on both the data and service we offer. Using UK Consumer database our team can help you create the exact list you need for your business. We can provide your targeted MAILING list in the format you need for tele, direct mail, email or a combination of activities. What’s more once you have your list you can use it as much as you like.

# Affordable New
# Fresh records
# Recent Update
# High Quality
# Unlimited Usage

Combo Pack For United Kingdom Database / Europe Database:
( UK BUSINESS Database & UK CONSUMERS Database )
(All Database Will Provide By instant Download Links -or- Send dvd's By Courier As users Requirement)

Our United Kingdom database Cover Categoris:
# UK Consumer Database ( United Kingdom B2C Database )
# UK Business Database ( United Kingdom B2B Database )
# UK Personal Database
# UK Company Database
# etc More Categories Database Avilable for uk

Our UK Database Cover Locations:
# Bedfordshire Database
# Berkshire Database
# Bristol Database
# Buckinghamshire Database
# Cambridgeshire Database
# Channel Islands Database
# Cheshire Database
# Cornwall Database
# Cumbria Database
# Derbyshire Database
# Devon Database
# Dorset Database
# Durham Database
# East Sussex Database
# East Yorkshire Database
# Essex Database
# Gloucestershire Database
# Hampshire Database
# Herefordshire Database
# Hertfordshire Database
# Isle Database
# Kent Database
# Lancashire Database
# Leicestershire Database
# Lincolnshire Database
# London Database
# Manchester Database
# Merseyside Database
# Norfolk Database
# North Yorkshire Database
# Northamptonshire Database
# Northern Ireland Database
# Oxfordshire Database
# Scotland Database
# Shropshire Database
# Somerset Database
# South Yorkshire Database
# Staffordshire Database
# Suffolk Database
# Surrey Database
# Tyne and Wear Database
# Wales Database
# Warwickshire Database
# West Midlands Database
# West Sussex Database
# West Yorkshire Database
# Wiltshire Database
# Worcestershire Database
# Orkney Database
# Shetland Database
# South West Database
# South East Database
# North East Database
# North West Database
# etc More Countries/States Database Avilable for uk

For UK Database kept in separate folders & files - Most of data included Fields:
* Name OR Company Name
* Email Address
* Contact Number
* City
* State
* Location
* zip code
* etc More Details

UK email database usefull for:
Banks, Exporters, Importers, Mutual Fund Advisors, Stock Brokers, Software Companies, BPO Companies, Retailers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Company, Traders, Corporate Company, HR Managers, Exporters, Importers, Stock Brokers, Fortune Companies, MNCs companys(international companys), Public and Private Sector Companies, Web Promotions, & also etc business.

# All Database in Excel/Notepad Format
# Latest 4 Months Update's
# Personal/Professionals Email Leads
# 98% Emails are belongs to United Kingdom
# Valid and High Accuracy Database
# No Repeated Email Id's
# No Fake & Duplicate Email Id's
# Bounce Rate is Very Low
# Very High Conversion Rate
# Better for Email Marketing and other Online Business
# Spam Free Mails
# High Responsive Ratio
# Individual & Corporate Email Database
# Business People, Companies Email id Database
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